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Falcons Travel to Buffalo

In a battle of first place teams, the Falcons travel to Upstate New York to face the Buffalo Bills.


Bengals head to Jacksonville in First MML Game

The newest member of the MML gets thrown into the first, going head-to-head with the Jaguars only hours after joining the league.


Week One Highlights

We take a look back at the action in Week One of the MML, starting with the Patriots vs. Broncos game of the Week.

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The MaddenMania League is an 8 man sim Madden 17 league with an NCAA Dynasty feel. Each division has one human controlled team, with the rest of the teams controlled by the computer. The league caters to Madden gamers who live east of the Rockies (making scheduling of head-to-head games easier) with real life responsibilities.

For more about the league, check out the league's Founding Principles and our Rules & Settings.


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