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Week One Highlights

We take a look back at the action in Week One of the MML, starting with the Patriots vs. Broncos game of the Week.


Important Early Battle Out West

The second Game of the Week will feature two young, up and coming QBs as first round draft picks Griffin Beal (49ers) and Sherrard Royster (Cards) face off for the […]


Patriots & Broncos Headline Colorful Week One

With the MaddenMania League approaching the end of its first preseason, league offices have announced the Sunday night game between the Patriots and Broncos has been selected as the game […]

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Rules & Settings

Everything from slider settings to regulations about trading, scheduling games, building stadiums and relocating teams.

Founding Principles

Detailing beliefs that are more than just rules, but instead encompass the backbone of the MaddenMania League.

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Archive of games, highlights, podcasts and other content from the MML.

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About the MML

The MaddenMania League is a sim Madden NFL 17 league looking to replicate the feel of an NCAA Dynasty. We are looking for 16 members to claim two teams in each division, with the other teams controlled by the computer. While this might not be ideal for some, the MML is catering to Madden gamers who have real life responsibilities and don't always have time to schedule multiple games a week. (And it makes the human vs. human games that much more important).

We are currently in the offseason after year one and gearing up for free agency and the draft starting Monday, August 27.

For more information, check out our Founding Principles and Rules & Settings.


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Philadelphia Eagles


Dallas, Washington or New York

Briar Thompson

Buffalo Bills


New England Patriots


Chicago Bears


Green Bay Packers


Pittsburgh, Cincinnati or Baltimore

PG Arsenal

Cleveland Browns

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New Orleans Saints


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Writes EMP

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