About Us

The MaddenMania League is looking for a particular kind of Madden gamer.

Home For Veteran Madden Fans

The MaddenMania League is looking for older, veteran Madden players who have a career and life beyond video games. We want owners who are dedicated, but realize real-life come first.

Realistic Game Play

Our aim is to NFL football on the gridiron as much as possible given the limitations of a video game - refraining from gimmicks that give you a quick, unfair edge.

Eastern U.S. Based

We are hoping to add owners from the Eastern half of the United States - making it easier to schedule Human vs. Human games each week and ensuring better latency while competing.

Human & Computer Teams

Similar to an NCAA Dynasty, the MML will be a mix of human and computer controlled teams. Our aim is to have a total of 16 owners in the league, with no more than 2 per division. Between 8 and 10 games will be against humans opponents each season.


Our hope is this will be the only Madden league you need to join for at least this season. Regardless, we expect all owners to be fully committed and priortize this league over other gaming. With that said, real life comes first, always.

A Social Experience

We are looking for owners who will be socially active in the league, taking part in Madden-related banter in our Discord chat room, streaming games via Twitch or YouTube and more.

Rules & Regulation

Reference information about how the MaddenMania League will be operate - on the gridiron and off.

Madden Launch Plans

Last Updated: July 18, 2016

The MML's plans starting when Madden 17 launches in late August through our first week of action - including information on a preseason tournament, development of sliders, selection of teams and whether or not there will be a fantasy draft.

Founding Principles

Last Updated: July 17, 2016

Sportsmanship. NFL Realism. Commitment. And a league catering to veteran Madden gamers. These are the philosophies and principles at the core of the MaddenMania League.

Rules & Settings

Last Updated: July 17, 2016

If the 'Founding Principles' are a 30,000 foot view of the MaddenMania League, the 'Rules & Settings' are where we get into the weeds. Everything from league settings to scheduling games and on the field activities are discussed.


Meet the members of the MaddenMania League. Teams will be selected after Madden NFL 17's release in late August.


Philadelphia Eagles


Washington Redskins

Out To Lunch

New York Jets


New England Patriots


Chicago Bears

Sir Quesington

Green Bay Packers

Bakin Bandz

Pittsburgh Steelers


Cincinnati Bengals


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Atlanta Falcons


Jacksonville Jaguars


Tennessee Titans


Commissioner - Arizona Cardinals


San Francisco 49ers


Oakland Raiders


San Diego Chargers

Join Us

Interested in joining the MaddenMania League? First please take a moment and fill out our application. It should only take a few minutes and asks questions we'd ask in person anyway. After filling out an application a member of the league will be in touch. Or if you're the aggressive go-getter type, visit our Discord chat or send an Xbox Live message to BlyGilmore.